World Kindness Day 2019

Kindness is Magic

World Kindness Day is observed internationally on November 13 every year. While it is World Kindness Day today, shouldn’t we be kind every day?

Here are 5 of many reasons to be kind:

1. You can feel good!

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Being kind towards someone else helps them feel good just because you did something kind for them.

2. You wouldn’t be where you are if no one was kind to you.

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Sometimes, people may forget about this one, but when you look back, there are so many people and times when people have been kind to you, and because of their kindness, you have gotten help, what you wanted, something you didn’t know you wanted until you got it, a combination of these three, or all of these three, which has definitely gotten you to where you are today.

3. You receive what you give.

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Just as karma is, if you’re kind to others, others will be kind to you. Sure, there may be some individuals who are unkind, but there will be so many who are kind. If you’re kind to others, it’ll make its way around, and people will be kind to you, too!

4. More kindness = Reduced bullying

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As noted on the MCCS-Forward website (powered by the Marine Corps Community Services), “research has documented that the effects of bullying can be significantly reduced by integrating kindness-based programs”. Since bullying isn’t something anyone would want to experience, it seems clear that we should get on with being more kind!

5. Kindness is free!

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You don’t need to pay anything to be kind. You just have to be kind! Because of all the ways you can be kind, there’s every reason to express kindness without paying a cent! It doesn’t have to drain your wallet or bank account at all! 😃

So what are you waiting for? What are your reasons to be kind? What acts of kindness have you experienced or provided?

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Photo by Sandrachile on Unsplash

Cover Photo: Photo by Robert Baker on Unsplash