Unhappy with Your Teacher(s) or Professor(s)?

September 2

Sometimes we all get teachers or professors we don’t like as much, but that doesn’t mean we have to respond or act negatively towards them. After 15 years of school so far, I’ve found that there are ways to get through the school year or college semester with a smile.

1. Focus on the learning.

School Desks and Chairs – Learn
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Whether you just pay attention to your teacher or professor, get a tutor, learn online, or a combination of everything, you are there to learn and gain knowledge. You might as well learn in any and every way you can.

2. You still have friends.

Friends Together
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Whether your friends are in the same class or not, they’re there for you. You can play with them in recess, eat lunch with them, and hang out with them after school. If you’re also learning the same things as they are, they can also help you understand what’s going on in the classroom, too.

3. Do things you enjoy.

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Pursue your hobbies. When you’re done with your homework and you understand what you’re trying to learn, do the things that make you happy. Whether it’s biking, doing art, sports, video editing, web designing, or whatever it may be, make some time to do it. While this has nothing to do with your teacher or professor, it’ll make your experience outside of the classroom fun. Just because you don’t like one part of the classroom, it doesn’t mean you don’t like everything else either.

4. Figure out what’s nice about your teacher or professor.

Person with a Thumbs Up
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Whether you see it at first or not, everyone has positive traits. Look for those your teacher or professor has, and appreciate them. It’ll make it easier to like your teacher or professor and, if you complement those traits or show appreciation for them, you know your teacher or professor will like you.

5. Smile in the classroom and out of it.

Happy... Keep on Smiling!
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Smile and make yourself happy. It’ll be easier to like the people you interact with for yourself and for others, including your teacher or professor. It’ll make the learning process easier, too.

Cover Photo: Photo by Shopify Partners from Burst