Travel: How Vacationing Outside of Our Homes Can Provide Positive Benefits

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As you begin your summer vacations and do any last-minute planning, don’t forget about traveling outside of your town’s boundaries. It’s not about having a change in scenery, not hanging out with your friends, not eating at your favorite restaurant, or breaking free from your daily routine—it’s about having a new experience or doing something you might not otherwise do. Travel can help us experience benefits that may otherwise take longer to experience.

1. It can help us relieve stress.

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Whether you travel to some place you’ve never been to before or you go to the same place every year, you’re taking your mind away from any stress you have at home or at work and enjoying what your destination has to offer.

2. You have something to look forward to.

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In addition to the happiness you feel during and after the vacation, your anticipation prior to your departure gives you something to be excited about. Even planning the vacation can make you  happy.

3. It can help you lower your risk of depression.

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In the Wisconsin Medical Journal, a study has found that women who go on vacations at least twice a year are less likely to suffer from depression. You don’t have to be attentive to situations that are holding you down from being happy or trigger negative thoughts while at home.

4. Your sense of empathy can increase.

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As you travel and meet new people and learn about different cultures, you can find that you are able to understand more about how others feel and share their feelings. This new understanding that you might not have had before may also help reduce previous feelings of anger.

5. You may learn how to adapt in new situations.

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While you stay at home, you may be faced with similar situations every day, like doing chores, going to work or school, meeting the same people, and preparing your next meal, the situations you’re used to might not be there when you’re traveling. It’ll force you to adapt and adjust to new people and situations as you stretch your brain.

Whether you take a road trip or your destination is a flight away, take some time to step out of your front door and travel! 🌎 🌍 🌏

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels