Anxious or Sad? Have Some Cashews


If you’re anxious or unhappy and not allergic to cashews, have some. Here are four reasons why:

1. Magnesium

Magnesium helps us have a healthy mood and nervous system, which helps anxiety and depression. Magnesium can also fight lower blood sugar, which can contribute to anxiety. Cashews contain about 83 milligrams per serving, more than almonds (73 milligrams per serving). According to a “The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry” study in January 2009, higher magnesium consumption has a direct correspondence with better mental health.

2. Monounsaturated Fats

Cashews can also help prevent depression and can help you have a balanced mood because of the healthy, monounsaturated fats that it has. If you have some heart health issues, you may need a low fat diet, but a small amount of healthy fats (especially monounsaturated fats) daily is really good for your heart health and mood, as mentioned on One Green Planet.

3. Trytophan

Trytophan is an amino acid, and cashews are one of the best sources of it. It is vital for improving the amount of serotonin usage in the brain and is like a counteracter to the anti-depressant hormone. Without trytophan, our bodies can’t produce more serotonin and can’t effectively use the serotonin we already have.

4. Vitamin B6

Like trytophan, the Vitamin B6 also helps improve the amount of serotonin usage in the brain. As it says on One Green Planet, “Vitamin B6 and trytophan work to create a relaxed, zen state that helps fight a sour or anxious mood.” Vitamin B6 can also help magnesium more effectively reach cells, which allows Vitamin B6 to lower depression and improve overall brain health.

Cashews can help mostly with mild cases of depression, and its regular consumption should not be your only treatment. Have cashews because of these benefits and other health benefits, and enjoy them if you can.

Cover Photo: Photo by @cretzer from TWENTY20