Why You Should Be Positive

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Be positive?

Why does that matter to you?

Positivity is the practice of optimism, being happy, and appreciating what (and who) is around you. From sunrise to sunset, good things happen every day, from when someone smiles at you, says “hi” or “hello”,  to having some free time! Whether they are recognized or not, positive events or things happen, and don’t forget to celebrate them.

It has health and emotional benefits you may or may not realize. While it does make you feel better and happier, as Jane E. Brody wrote in her column in The New York Times in March 2017, practicing positive emotions can also help people with depression, Type 2 Diabetes, and breast cancer. If you don’t have these health problems, that’s great! Don’t forget that practicing positivity can still help you!

While negative events do happen, it’s important to acknowledge them, but don’t let them get the best of you. Once it happens, it happens. You can’t really change it, but you can change how your respond to it.

For example, if you get a bad grade on an exam, why start feeling bad about yourself or thinking you’re not smart? Why don’t you figure out how to do better next time and improve your grade?

If you or a loved one is diagnosed with cancer, why mourn about it? Why don’t you do everything you can in the time you have left and hope that the cancer will be cured?

There are so many reasons and opportunities to be positive. It starts with one thought, one smile, one day at a time, so don’t forget to Smile 4 a While!

Cover Photo: Photo by Tookapic from Pexels