Extend the Happiness

2020 Sparklers

They say that this time of year is the happiest time of the year, but why wait until the end of the year for all the happiness? Why don’t we be this happy year-round?

In 2020 and beyond, here are some ideas of what you can do before the Holiday season starts to make the Holiday season a happy end to a happy year:

1. Find what brings you joy, and do it now.

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Why wait until later to do what you like and enjoy? If you know what you like and enjoy, now is a great time to put that into your schedule so that you can do that and feel happier more often. If you don’t know what you like and enjoy, maybe 2020 is the year you find out!

2. Spend some time outside.

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Enjoy some fresh air, take a walk, get some Vitamin D, and feel happier! Spending time outside can be great for your mental health, and especially if you live near greenery / lots of green spaces, it is worth trying out.

3. Sleep.

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Whether it’s a quick power nap or a full night’s sleep, getting sleep is always a good idea. You won’t feel tired, and when you feel awake, you’ll have more energy to do more of what you want to do.

4. Meditate.

Buddha Statue in a Meditation Pose
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Meditating can help you feel more relaxed, and even though it may be difficult initially, as mentioned on Greatist, “research shows that eight weeks of daily meditation can lead to greater happiness.”

5. Practice self-care every day.

Every day is a great day for self-care. Do what you feel like doing to take care of yourself that day. How you self-care may be different each day, but that’s ok! It just has to be something that makes you feel good and happy in that moment.

Starting in 2020, what will you be doing year-round? What makes you happy?

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Wishing you a wonderful Holiday and Happy New Year!

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