Stressed? Try Yoga or Meditation

It’s already October. Is school already getting really stressful? Is work stressing you out? Is something at home stressing you out?

Try doing yoga or meditating. Why?


Person Doing a Yoga Pose
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Through stretching and exercising your body, you can have peace and serenity. Whether you live or work in the city, suburbs, or rural areas, or you go to school, your busy schedule may have you feeling anxious or nervous, but yoga can help you relax. This can help you part with feelings of anger and anxiety, which are feelings that usually make you feel bad. It can allow you to feel calm and at ease.

Practicing yoga can also reduce stress, a feeling many of us unfortunately know too well. Stress increases your body’s levels of cortisol, and practicing yoga can bring these levels down. Since high levels of stress is bad for your health, it’s important to balance them out.

Doing yoga can also increase your body’s levels of serotonin (the “happy hormone”). This is common if you do any other physical exercise, and it helps you prevent anxiety, depression, and anger.

Yoga can also help us experience positive emotions. While practicing yoga can also help us feel better physically, we can also connect with like-minded people more meaningfully.


Male Individual Meditating
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There are different types of meditation – some as short as 10 minutes and others as long as an hour per practice. No matter which type of meditation you choose to practice, you can experience the same emotional benefits.

Meditation has some similarities to yoga. For example, it can reduce anxiety and depression. It can also help relieve stress and release anger. Meditation can also help you stay in the present moment. Every practice, you are let go of the past and the future, allowing yourself to being in the present and what is happening now.

You can feel in control of your own thoughts, especially when you start to understand your thought process, and through meditation, you can start developing that understanding.

Through regular practice of yoga and meditation, you can experience the positive benefits as you feel happier and less anxious, stressed, and angry before you know it.

What benefits have you felt or experienced when you do yoga or meditate? Share them in the comments below!

Cover Photo: Photo by Chevanon Photography from Pexels

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