Amazing Nature
surrounds us all around,
Can you see its beauty
and hear its beautiful sound?

Do you notice Nature
when you walk?
About its beauty,
we shall talk.

Nature has a many colours,
but the main one is green,
That’s the favourite colour
of our earhtly queen.

Grass, forests, plants
and woods
are one of the most
precious goods.

Except oxygen
which they produce,
With life energy,
they seduce.

When we are surrounded
with many trees,
locked doors inside us
are getting keys.

With beautiful energy,
they can fill,
and that’s their
perfect skill.

From the trees
there is a nice view,
to another nature creation,
to the stone crew.

The mountain peaks
that want to reach the sky,
With unknown strength,
they always supply.

Mostly consisting
of different kind of rocks,
Stories about history,
they keep in their blocks.

They are our guardians
from the heights,
and they fill us
with incredible sights.

And now let’s dive
into the deep,
where in a deep blue world,
secrets keep.

Oceans, seas, rivers,
and lakes,
the majority of the planet
water takes.

The greatest treasure
that makes us clean,
Without water
nothing would be green.

Let’s not forget flowers,
Our lovely decorations,
with many scents and colours,
They are beautiful creations.

If we could see and feel
Nature’s soul,
we would know
its important role.

Without Nature,
couldn’t survive,
It’s the one thing
that keeps us all alive.

So we should stop
destroying our woods,
and try to protect
these natural goods.

We should stop
polluting our ground,
where healthy food
can be found.

If we continue to pollute the water,
what shall we drink?
About these issues,
we have to think.

We should stop
polluting our air,
and as soon as possible,
start to become more aware.

Instead of destroying,
we have to protect
because with Nature
we directly connect.

In addition to life and beauty
that Nature provides,
essential energy,
it also hides.

We just need
to open our hearts,
and see its
most beautiful arts.

Then energy between us
will start to flow,
and day by day,
we will grow.

From Nature
we should learn,
that health and happiness,
we will get in return.

With Nature
we should have a
strong connection,
and then we’ll see
an evolutionary reflection.

So let’s wake up
from our dream,
and with Nature make
a perfect team.