Don’t Forget to Smile!

World Smile Day is coming up in two days, on Friday, October 4, 2019!

While I think we should celebrate it every day, it’s officially the first Friday of every October. What are some reasons to smile?

Here are seven of many great reasons:

1. An accomplishment

Excited Woman, Celebrating an Accomplishment
Photo by RobinHiggins from Pixabay

What did you accomplish recently? It could be small, like finally doing something you’ve been meaning to do for a while or making some time for self-care, or it could be big, like earning an award or winning a competition.

2. Food

Photo by Michelle Krozser from Burst

Did you recently eat something you like? Whether you made it yourself or it was made by someone else, good food is always something to smile about!

3. Achieving a goal

Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst

Did you set a goal for yourself? This one kind of goes along with celebrating an accomplishment, but when you achieve a goal, it’s definitely something worth smiling about!

4. Beauty

An Individual Smiling
Photo by Vinicius Wiesehofer on Unsplash

Smiling makes everyone beautiful, including you! Whether you look at yourself in the mirror, going somewhere, or just doing what you do, don’t forget to make yourself more beautiful with a smile!

5. Feel happier

Man Dressed Formally and Smiling
Photo by Nicole De Khors from Burst

Just like stress relief, the act of smiling can also help you feel happier! As Peter Economy writes on Inc, “[y]our smile can lighten the mood of any situation [you] find yourself in and has the power to lift the mood of those who see your friendly expression.” Even if you were unhappy before, the act of smiling can also help you feel happier!

6. Stress relief

Photo by TheDigitalArtist from Pixabay

As noted by Very Well Mind, smiling can help reduce stress simply by the act of smiling. Also, since smiling can help you feel happier, and since people don’t tend to feel happy and stressed simultaneously, there’s no doubt that the act of smiling can help you de-stress, no matter how stressed you are!

7. No reason at all

An Individual Smiling
Photo by Greyerbaby from Pixabay

Do you ever felt happy for no apparent reason? Sometimes, you may have found that you just felt good. While there may be a hidden reason, this wouldn’t be a time to pass up the opportunity to smile!

These are seven of the very many reasons to smile, today and everyday! What makes you smile?

Cover Photo: Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst

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