5 Ways to Express Love During Valentine’s Day This Year

It doesn’t matter how you’re related to a family member – parent, child, sibling, aunt, uncle, cousin, niece, nephew, spouse, distant relative, or a different relation – don’t forget about the love. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much time you spend with them (or how much time you don’t). If you love them, you have to express it.

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They don’t have to be your valentine in order for you to show love during Valentine’s Day, so how can you express your love next week? Here are five ways you can try:

1. Say it.

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Sometimes it’s hard to get the words out of your mouth, but you should. At least try it. When someone you love hears it from you, it brings some reality into it.

2. Smile at the person you love.

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Show that you’re happy this person’s around and that you enjoy his/her/their company. If you look like you’re grumpy, the person you love might not see how much you love him/her/them.

3. Express gratitude.

THANK YOU Written in Blocks with a Yellow Heart in the Middle
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Be thankful for what they do, make sure they know you’re appreciating what they do. They’ll do it more knowing that their actions aren’t going unnoticed (and their actions are appreciated), and they’ll love you back in the process.

4. In times of stress or disagreement, remain calm…

...and breathe.
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Between now and February 14th, or anytime after that, you may encounter stressful situations or disagree with someone (or people) you love. While negative situations like this does happen, and you can’t push them away or ignore them, remain calm, breathe, and help those you love do the same. It’ll help you find better solutions or find solutions sooner.

How do you let those you love know that you love them? Share it with them on Valentine’s Day and any other day of the year! 💖

Cover Photo: Photo by Swapnil Deshpandey from Pexels

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