Are We As Happy As We Can Be?

Since May 2017, I’ve been surveying family, friends, peers, and teachers to consider how I view my personal happiness versus how others see theirs. What I found to be interesting about the first two questions was how so many individuals said “yes” to feeling generally happy (90.8 %) and “yes” to thinking that they could be happier (93.3 %) *.

While some have told me that they since they’re already happy, they don’t feel like they need to be happier, others have responded saying that we can always be happier. It got me thinking – how can we tell whether or not we can truly be happier or not? If we can be happier, are we really generally happy, or are we subconsciously unsatisfied with how happy we already are?

I think it’s time we start working together as a society to answer these questions and make sure that everyone’s happier. I believe we can be more definitive about how happy we are, and we can be very happy, one smile and one thought at a time. How can we do this? Here are some ideas:

1. Schedule time to do something you enjoy.

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When there are so many things to do, it may be seemingly impossible to have time to do what you enjoy. However, it really is possible. If you make a list of things you need to get done and an estimate of how long it will take you to finish each one, you’ll find that you may actually have more time than you thought. That way, you’ll be able to schedule time in to enjoy yourself, making it easier to be happy.

2. Try journaling.

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During my second semester of my first year at college, I started journaling every day, and I felt so good. I felt happy. I felt like I was able to stick to a routine. I felt like I could express myself and not have to keep everything to myself or in my head. I haven’t shared what I wrote with anyone, but as I felt better, I noticed that my academic performance was also improving. In the middle of the semester, I left my journal at home when I came back from Spring Break, and I felt more stressed.

3. Take a break.

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Even if you have a deadline coming up soon, sometimes you just have to take a break. You may be tired, or you might not know how to solve a problem, and those are perfect times to take a break. Do something you enjoy, like watching a TV show, talking to a friend, taking a nap, or getting a cup of coffee. It’s time to relax, and you can definitely finish the task or solve the problem before you know it!

4. Make a jar full of good things.

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This is something I saw on Facebook a few years ago, and I thought it was intriguing. I tried it myself, and it helped me realize how many more good things go on than I initially thought.

Take a jar, and put it aside. Every day, write down at least three good things that happened in that particular day, each thing on its own piece of paper. Then, put each piece in the jar. At the end of the year, empty the jar and look at all the good things that happened in your year. You will never say you had a bad day or a bad year again! 😃

5. Make a goal (or goals) for each day, and stick to it.

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Making goals is important, and so is fulfilling them. It gives a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, and it helps you make sure that you have something to do. If you make a goal and stick to it, you will feel productive and like you can get things done!

Do you think you are as happy as you can be? If not, how or what do you think you can do to make yourself happier? Share you thoughts in the comments below!

* Percentages are as of the time of this post.

Cover Photo: Photo by Tetyana Kovyrina from Pexels

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