Don’t Forget to Thank Yourself This Thanksgiving

Close-Up of a Heart that Says "Thanks"

With tomorrow being Thanksgiving (in the US), we often and naturally think about thanking others. In the process, we also tend to forget to thank ourselves.

Sometimes, reasons might not be apparent, but hopefully, they now will be. Here are a few reasons:

1. You’ve made it this far.

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Life has its ups and downs, and everyone has his / her / their fair share of rough times. As the saying goes, “So far, you’ve survived 100% of your worst days. You’re doing great.” No matter how bad your days may feel, appreciate that you are here now, and thank yourself for doing all the work and putting in all the effort that you have so far to get yourself here!

2. You are you.

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You are the only person who can be uniquely you. No matter how much anyone else can try, you are the only one who has the opportunity to be you. It may feel trivial or strange to thank yourself for being who you are, but all these years that you have spent being yourself has helped you make great contributions, even if your contributions don’t seem great to you!

3. You know things that not everyone else does.

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You might not know how much more knowledge you have about certain things than every other person you talk to, but that’s okay! Appreciate that just like you have the opportunity to learn from others, others have the opportunity to learn from you, too!

4. You have nice, little quirks, even if they’re weird.

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As a friend once wisely told me, “We’re all a little weird. That’s what makes us different.” Nine years later, that statement still holds true, and it will for many more years!

5. You are stronger than you think.

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This is related to the fact that you’ve made it this far, but it may also carry a slightly different meaning for you. You’re definitely strong for being able to survive all of your worst days, but you are also strong for trying to appreciate who you are. Because of pressures we put on ourselves and standards we set for ourselves, it’s easy to feel like we’re not enough, and if you feel this way at any point, then you’re not alone. Remember to keep reminding yourself of how far you’ve come and that you are stronger than you think!

What do you thank yourself for?

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