Springing into the Emotional Benefits of Spring

Spring Written in Dirt with Flower Pettals

Happy First Day of Spring!

Today is the Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere, which is when day and night are about the same length – 12 hours each. As Spring is sprung, here are some emotional benefits we can all enjoy.

1. We can feel happier and enjoy the warmer weather with friends.

"Portrait of a Young Woman Smiling in Grass" – As Described on Pexels
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

It’s warmer outside, so there’s no excuse to not spend time with friends – the roads will be free from snow and ice this time of year, and who doesn’t like spending time with friends?

2. We can bring the sunshine inside.

Sunlight Coming through Window
Photo by Darcy Lawrey from Pexels

As the sun shines more this season and longer after Daylight Savings, we can brighten the inside of our homes and lift our moods.

3. The blooming flowers look beautiful.

Tree's Flowers Blooming in the Spring
Photo by H E N G S T R E A M on Unsplash

When we see beautiful flowers, they make us feel better. We experience happiness and maybe even awe at how beautiful the flowers look.

4. It takes away our excuse to avoid exercising.

No Excuses
Photo by Isaiah Rustad on Unsplash

Sometimes, we may shy away from exercising in the winter due to the cold weather, but in the Spring, we can’t tell ourselves it’s too cold to go out and exercise. We can force ourselves to do physical activity, which, as ULifeline says, can lift our mood.

5. We can feel free.

A Woman Feeling Free
Photo by Aditya Saxena on Unsplash

With the warmer weather, we can feel more of a desire to go outside, and no inclement weather will impede our ability to get out of the house (unless there’s thunder, rain pouring hard, or strange weather patterns). We can drive, walk, or take public transportation to get to places we’d like to and are no longer confined to the walls of where we live.

Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst