Allow Yourself to Be Happy

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Happiness is a choice. How happy you are depends on how happy you allow yourself to be.

1. It starts with you.

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If you want to be happy, give yourself permission to be happy. Allow it to happen to start experiencing the results. If you don’t allow yourself to be happy, you’re not going to feel happy.

2. Success doesn’t define how happy you are.

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Achieving success will not make you happier. Being happy will help you be more successful. When you achieve success in one area, you look for another area to be successful in, so if you’re happiness depends you achieving success, you’ll never feel happy. You have to reverse your belief in order to experience desired happiness and success.

3. Stop, and take a break.

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If you want to be happy, sometimes you need to take a break and do something because you enjoy it, not because you have to do it. Whether your break is scheduled or spontaneous, you’ll feel good taking it, and you’ll know it’s well-deserved.

4. Is something worth getting upset, sad, or mad about?

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While you can’t avoid negative situations, you can decide how you’re going to react to it. Is this negative situation something you’ll remember in one, five, ten years or more? If not, then why spend your time and energy getting upset, sad, or mad? Is this negative situation a blessing in disguise? It probably is, so why spend your time and energy getting upset, sad, or mad?

5. Make your choice.

Which Way Do You Want to Turn?
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Which way would you turn? Right or left? Happy or unhappy? Happiness is a choice, so you decide. If you want to be happy, you’ll be happy or find a way to be happy.

2019 is 23 days in. Don’t miss an opportunity to be happy because of your choices or reactions during the remaining 342 days of the year so that you can have a happy 2019. Allow yourself to be happy, today and every day.

Cover Photo: Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst